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CashCrate is ideal for Students!

Students are having difficulties making money in this tough economy. Many students are racketing up thousands of dollars in debt while going to college. I too have thousands in college debt and looked everywhere to earn a little extra cash on the side to help with bills and food. I found Cashcrate two years ago and it has been my best income stream on the internet. Making money online was foreign to me, and I heard many people losing money on adsense, so I didn’t try anything for a while. Couple of my friends told me good experiences on cashcrate and that their minimum payout is $20 bucks a month. Immediately, I started doing surveys, checking in, and referring people. It took an hour a day for about a week and I was up to $21 dollars. Naturally, I waited to see if the check would come. When the check arrived in the mail, I was shocked. I took it to the bank and deposited it. I was smiling, and since then I have made over $260 dollars with CashCrate using this blog and referring my friends to the site. You too can easily make an extra $20 dollars a month. A little extra money always helps! I know because I have been in your shoes. Best part of all – its free to join, and the surveys are fun to take! Sign up by clicking here! 


  1. Great blog post Paul Cashcrate is great income source for students.I know the feeling your talking about receiving that first check from them.When I received my first Cashcrate check, I was so happy because of the simplicity of making money with them.I also was wondering if you can follow my blog I have many income streams similar to Cashcrate along with Payment Proof?

  2. Yea, I saw that you have some youtube videos and some website about GPT sites. Good info. I am mainly sticking to cashcrate because its the best working site I have found to date. Plus I am starting to see some real money come in every month which is very nice. Which blog would you like me to follow?

  3. Nice blog !


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