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CashCrate 2nd Check Video

Here is a video I did this morning to show all of you that Cashcrate is real, and they its a real check. Sign up by clicking the orange box at the top of the page.

CashCrate 2nd Check

Here is more proof that Cashcrate is real. Here is a picture of my 2nd check for 20.26 that I received today for July's work. Sign up by clicking Here! 

What Do I need to Get Started with Cashcrate?

What do you need when you start out with CashCrate? check out this video to learn more.

What is CashCrate?

Hello! Here is a short video explaining what CashCrate is all about.


What is CashCrate?

CashCrate is a Get Paid to Site. This means CashCrate pays you to take simple online surveys, watch videos, and test out new upcoming products. In return for your input Cashcrate pays you cash. You get paid for taking online surveys, and its the simplest way to earn money online for free!

There are cool ways to make money with CashCrate. There are quizzes, videos, surveys, offers, and you can get cash back for shopping through CashCrate. The best way to make money is by inviting your freinds and family to join under your referral link. You get paid a percentage of what they earn. Finally, CashCrate is awesome! I have received six checks from them, and have earned more than $140 dollars. The icing on the cake is Cashcrate holds contests every month where you can enter to win cool prizes, like xbox's, playstations, ipods, and gift cards from major stores.

You really need to Sign up, its the best website out there that pays you money every month! 

Sign up by clicking here!  

Happy Money Making!

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