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Not everyone is struggling financially in these times. There are people making profits and buying luxurious items without breaking a sweat. Then , there is the rest of us who usually need help making money and getting by. I am here to tell you about the wonderful website called CashCrate. Basically you take surveys, play games, win prizes, watch videos and get paid. There is also a generous referral program that CashCrate offers. Some members are making around $1,000 per month just by referring other people. Now, this will not come overnight. Patience my friend. Building a solid stream of income takes time. CashCrate also holds contests in which the top 30 members can get rewards up to $50 dollars cash. It truly is a Awesome website for making extra cash during the slow time in this economy. Struggling? Need money? CashCrate is here for you.

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6th CashCrate Check

Here is my 6th CashCrate check for the Month of June. As you can see my earnings are slowly beginning to increase. My goal is to hit 100 a month. If you would like to make money online for free by taking surveys and referring people sign up by clicking here. 

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