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How Do I Make Money Online?

Making Money from home is not hard at all. How do I do it? Here is my method. I signed up with cashcrate, then I did a couple of offers, and I have a blog, or a website which is free and you can open one at , for free! I post a couple paragraphs explaining what cashcrate is and put my referral link at the bottom. That is all I do. It does take about an hour to write and organize sentences or paragraphs but in the end its worth it. Why am I so good at making money online? Simple, I do not wish to be poor all my life and am in need of passive income – that is income that works for you monthly. It Is money that accumulates over time and eventually will make me $200 to $1000 a month. If you’d like to make money online simply click Here and Sign up For Free! 

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Want to Learn How to Make Money Online?

You are probably wondering how to make money online. By now I imagine you have tried every avenue there is out there. There is google adsense which most people talk about, and you'll need a huge following to make a penny there. At Cashcrate it is different. This is the best money making program there is on the internet. I know because I have been with them for over two years and they sent me a check on my first month. A check for 21 dollars for a couple hours of work.

Once you sign up, and this is for free by the way, you start filling out free offers and daily surveys. These range from 50 cents to 5 dollars a piece. There is a tutorial below to show you how this offer works. There is also a tutorial video showing you how the referral program works. Typically, each member you refer you will receive 20% and once they break $20 you will receive a $5 dollar bonus. As you can see, the more member you sign up the better your income will be. To do this, go to the refferal section, click promote yourself, grab your referral link and promote it anywhere you'd like.

You can always make some quick cash at Cashcrate. Best of all they are free to join and you can join by clicking the long green banner on the right side of this blog. 

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Making Money at Home is Easy

So Would you like to earn some cash? perhaps a hundred or so per month? Its easy, and one can accomplish this in a couple of days of taking surveys, doing free offers, and referring other people. From personal experience I have worked on this program for about a couple hard productive hours and achieved 21 dollars. I left it for a month and couldn't believe they sent me a paycheck. I was shocked it was real. I now know this program is real and the money that you make is all yours to keep.

If you don't know yet, Cashcrate is a get paid to site. You make real money from them by filling out free surveys and free offers and they pay you. The big money comes in when you refer other members by promoting your referral link. Member are already making thousands of dollars a month by only telling other people about the Cashcrate.

CashCrate sends you a paycheck every month once you reach $20 dollars. I have tried many programs on the internet and none come close to Cashcrate. Cashcrate has real value and pays you every month for the cash you make with them. This is no gimmick, I have my paycheck picture posted in the earlier posts and my name is on it and I received 21.47 from Cashcrate. I took this check and deposited it into my checking account at the bank, and just like that I made money online. You can too! Remember its free to join, and fun to take surveys for cash. There are already offers coming out like video ads, shopping rewards, redeeming points, oh and there are crazy prize contests held. Its an awesome program and anyone who is older than 13 years old can join.  Sign up today by clicking here 

What is Cashcrate?

Can I really make money online with CashCrate?
Yes! Companies are always looking for new users to try their products and services, and they are willing to pay people like you to do just that. You can also earn money on CashCrate by taking part in daily research surveys, doing your shopping online, and referring other members to our program.
How do I know this isn't a scam?
CashCrate has been around since 2006 and has over 2 million members worldwide. There are no fees to join, and we send out thousands of dollars in payments to our members every month. Want proof? Head over to the Payment Wall and see real payments posted by real users. You can also visit theforums, where you can talk to other CashCrate members about their experience with our program. 
When do I get paid?
Users who meet our minimum payout (only $20!) have their payments processed by the 20th of the following month. So, if you earn $250 in June, your payment will be sent in mid-July.
How does the referral program work?
The referral program has two levels. You get paid 20% of what your referrals make and 10% of what THEIR referrals make. As you refer more users to CashCrate, these levels increase until you're earning as much as 30% of your referral's earnings and 20% of their referral's earnings. Plus, get extra cash bonuses along the way! 
How can I earn the most money with CashCrate?
Doing offers, surveys, and shopping online are great ways to start earning money with CashCrate, but be sure to check our referral program as well. Some members are earning over $1,000 a month just by referring new users to our free program.
Are there any requirements for participation?
You must be at least 13 years old. Members from the United States and other English speaking countries will have the most offers available to them, but members from other countries are welcome too.
Sounds great, how do I get started?
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All of this content came from directly word for word from cashcrate. 

Would you like Some Extra Cash?

Cashcrate is what its all about. It is open to people over sixteen years old and anyone who has a connection to the internet can make money. Currently, they offer surveys which pay out about two to four dollars a day. These are real easy to complete and take little time. Cashcrate also offers shopping rewards, shop using their list and receive up to 25% percent back in cash. Cashcrate sends out checks every month once you reach twenty dollars. The most lucrative way to earn lots of cash is to refer other people to the program. Its absolutely free, and you can make however much you want. It does take a little time and effort but the overall effect is worth it.Start filling out free surveys and offers and get paid now. Guys, this is easy money, you don't need a website, no computer technical background, no degree, all you need is a connection to the internet and a basic computer or laptop. It is truly a wonderful program, and they do pay, see my check in the earlier posts. This is your chance to make money online, and make the cash you always dreamed of.

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