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3rd Check from CashCrate (December 2011)

Here is my 3rd check from Cashcrate. I recived this a couple weeks ago in December. I have made $75 so far with CashCrate and its been awesome!
 Want to make money taking paid surveys for free? Its super easy, its fun, and you can do at the comfort of your own time on the computer. Best of all its free cash!

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Where to Give Out CashCrate Flyers?

So you signed up to CashCrate and want more referrals? Easy, email me at and I'll send you a template. You can put your referral link on that template, print it out, and hand it out to people. The template will look exactly like that in the video. I have personally gave out 80 flyers last week in these type of small neighborhood, duplex housing unites and have had 8 sign up so far. These people will do offers, surveys, refer other people, and will continue to add extra income to me. Check out the video below, and try it out.

Crazy Turkey Caption Contest

CashCrate is having a huge contest! This info  is taken directly from cashcrates sidebar post. 

What Happened to this turkey? What Happened to Barbie? Is it a Holiday Meal Gone Terribly Wrong? We have no idea, but we're hoping  you can tell us.
Write a Funny Caption to go with this crazy turkey picture and you could win! Please make sure to read the rules below.

1. The contest will run from now until November 30
2. You can enter as many times as you like
3. Please do not post anything inappropriate
4. Have fun and be creative

First Place - $4
Second Place $3
Third Place $2
Fourth Place $1
Fifth Place -$1
Sixth Place $1

Make Some Money This Holiday Season

We all know holidays are coming up. There is Thanksgiving, and the big Christmas. I am sure all of us are waiting for that job offer we filled out, or a raise, or perhaps a promotion. All aside those are great aspirations to hope for. But the reality stays the same around 80% of the time. Fact is you are in control of your life, you make choices that render where you want to be in life. Everyday you make a choice, and strive for something you hopefully wanted. In this economy, we are bombarded with fancy toys, unnecessary items, and more advertisement. Wouldn't it be great to get away from it all? To have inner peace, and separate yourself from the outside world. You can do that my making multiple income streams. The whole idea of residual income is to have MIS and use it to your advantage. Cashcrate is one of many great Income streams you can add to your life. Best of all its Free! If your looking for ways to make money this season, Cashcrate is the way to go!

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Good Luck!

The Forums

Making Money with Cashcrate does not have to be alone. There are 3 million people out there that use cashcrate. Most of those successful people are on the forums chatting with other members. Go to the forums and check it out! I am telling you, there are people who have made one thousand plus chatting and revealing their secrets and showing you how to make more money with cashcrate. All it takes is one post in any thread and you got your name out there. Check out my video below, I talk about the forums and I am still surprised why people don't use them much.

The CashCrate ToolBar

The CashCrate Tool Bar is another way you can make money with Cashcrate. Cashcrate's wonderful people keep me happy with the toolbar invention. You make a dollar just for downloading it, and then you make 50 cents for every 25 searches you do. CashCrate only counts 10 searches per day so ideally it would take you 2.5 or around 3 days to make 50 cents. By doing this you can easily make $5 dollars a month. When you do search, please search for normal items like you would on Google. Using this toolbar, you can check in, read your messages, stay up to date, and move around like you would on Cashcrates website. To download the toolbar go the the offers section, and under free it would listed there. If you can't find it search for it on Cashcrates wonderful forums.
If you are New to Cashcrate click the orange box above, or click here to start making free money online! 
Everybody needs extra Cash! CashCrate is where you can get it for free!


CashCrate Surveys

Cashcrate has 9 surveys available to US members. It is best to try all surveys when you sign up because you can land on all 9 and make a total of $5 - $7 everyday. I have personally tried the first survey "opinion survey" and have recieved 80 cents from that survey in under 8 minutes of work. They ask simple questions, you answer them, give them your feedback, rate the product, and boom just like that they congratulate you on finishing the survey at end. Once you have done the first survey you can close that tab, and open cashcrate to do the next survey. In this manner you can do all the surveys. You can do all of them in under 45 minutes and make around $7 everyday. Remember you get paid to do these surveys every 24 hours. So if you didn't get a chance to take the survey you can take the next day. No rush, the surveys are always there for you. The cool aspect to cashcrate is the $20 dollar monthly payout. When you reach this $20 threshold you automatically get sent a check to your address the next month. If you take surveys everyday it should take you three to five days and you will get your check. Just by doing surveys you can make easy money online. If you get bored with surveys, watch some tv ads, or do some free offers, rest assured you will get to your $20 payout if you are persistent.

If you are new to CashCrate, please click here to sign up for free and learn how to make easy money online.
Stay persistent and you will make residual income every month with CashCrate!


CashCrates Awesome Referral Program

You can find your referral link in the referrals section. To Refer people you grab your referral link and give it away to people.
Here is an example of what your referral link will look like
So you would copy the link and share it with anyone who is interested in making money online using surveys and offers. Or you could make up your own slogan / catch phrase that goes along with your referral link. Here is the referral break up taken directly from cashcrate (CashCrate Dana). This is how much commission you can make with CashCrate.

The referral commission percentages also increase as you add more referrals:

Bronze - 0 Active Referrals - 20% First Level, 10% Second Level
Silver - 50 Active Referrals - 25% First Level, 10% Second Level
Gold - 150 Active Referrals - 25% First Level, 15% Second Level
Platinum - 300 Active Referrals - 30% First Level, 15% Second Level
Elite - 500 Active Referrals - 30% First Level, 20% Second Level

First level referrals are the people you refer to CashCrate. Second level referrals are the people your referrals refer.

Also anyone referral who reaches $10 , will automatically get you a $3 bonus. This is for Bronze members only. One you move up from Bronze and reach more than 50 active referrals you move up to Silver Level. Silver level gets you $1 for every new active referral. Silver also has the option of Direct Deposit, or getting your check on the first of each month. 

If you are interested in making money online and having fun at it, then click here to sign up. 

Cashcrate is Ideal For College Students

Cashcrate is wonderful for any student! Whether you have an ipod, ipad, laptop, or even a phone with an internet connection - you could be making money right now! In your sleep you could be making money. Imagine that! While you are working, reading, and doing homework cashcrate can make money for you. How? Sign up at the orange box above, and start doing free offers. If you truly want Cashcrate to be a Cash Cow then you have to Refer people. How do you refer people? Simple, go to the referral section, grab your referral link, and give it out to people. That is how you make tons of money online. If your looking to make an easy $20 to $80 dollars a month for Free! , Click the orange box above! You get a buck just for signing up!

A Deeper look into Cashcrate

Cashcrate has been around for more than 5 years. Its open to anyone over 13 years old. Lets talk about you. Taking the viewpoint of the customer is essential. A typical customer or referral from cashcrate is anyone who is willing and able to make money online. What kind of tools do you need to make money with cashcrate? An internet connection, and or any device / laptop that can check your email. When you make small amounts of money cashcrate emails you instantly. This happened to me one day when I was checking my email and found out I made 3 dollars overnight. This is what Cashcrate can do. Its all online, Its Free! , and you get to win prizes like xbox, PS3, plasma Tvs, Amazon gift cards, and much more. Visit their contest page to learn more. To sign up click the orange box above. Remember, its Free! and once you get to $20 dollars they send you a check automatically the next month in the mail.

CashCrate 2nd Check Video

Here is a video I did this morning to show all of you that Cashcrate is real, and they its a real check. Sign up by clicking the orange box at the top of the page.

CashCrate 2nd Check

Here is more proof that Cashcrate is real. Here is a picture of my 2nd check for 20.26 that I received today for July's work. Sign up by clicking Here! 

What Do I need to Get Started with Cashcrate?

What do you need when you start out with CashCrate? check out this video to learn more.

What is CashCrate?

Hello! Here is a short video explaining what CashCrate is all about.


What is CashCrate?

CashCrate is a Get Paid to Site. This means CashCrate pays you to take simple online surveys, watch videos, and test out new upcoming products. In return for your input Cashcrate pays you cash. You get paid for taking online surveys, and its the simplest way to earn money online for free!

There are cool ways to make money with CashCrate. There are quizzes, videos, surveys, offers, and you can get cash back for shopping through CashCrate. The best way to make money is by inviting your freinds and family to join under your referral link. You get paid a percentage of what they earn. Finally, CashCrate is awesome! I have received six checks from them, and have earned more than $140 dollars. The icing on the cake is Cashcrate holds contests every month where you can enter to win cool prizes, like xbox's, playstations, ipods, and gift cards from major stores.

You really need to Sign up, its the best website out there that pays you money every month! 

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Happy Money Making!


CashCrate Can't be Beat!

I have loved cashcrate and continue to do so everyday. It continues to make money for me everyday, and i get paid every single month once I reach that $20 threshold. Cashcrate accepts international members, although US and UK members will get a chance to make more money because of more available offers and videos. International members can make money too if they work at it.

There are many ways to make money with Cashcrate. You can watch videos, do daily surveys, do free offers, refer other people( Big money), and watch your money come do your door every month by check. I have received a check from cashcrate and it is real!

There is no better FREE program out there that offers as much as CashCrate. You can make $500 to $1000 a month if your willing to work at it. This is real money! It comes do your address in the mail and is in a form of a check! Real Money!

CashCrate is free to Join!
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A Cool Way to Get More Referrals

Here is A Super Cool Way to Get More Referrals!

Sign up by clicking the orange box above, and then check this out!  Cool Referral Flyers! (Click Here)
Once you sign up you can grab your CashCrate referral link, and put it at the end of the flyer. Every person who signs up under that link is now your referral. The more you get, the more you can make money.

The Easiest Way to Make Money Online

Hello All!
My name is Paul, and I this is my website. Thank you for taking the time to visit this site. Please look around, look at my previous posts about cashcrate, my proof of payment (Real Check) , and the wonderful benefits. Cashcrate is the best program out there for beginners to actually start making money on the spot. There is no waiting for some verification process, or some twisted half truths. Once you sign up to cashcrate through clicking above on the box that says "Sign up Free" , you'll enter in the world of free offers ranging from 1 dollar to 40 dollars, you can watch video ads that run from 2 cents to 10 cents a piece. I usually watch these videos just for fun and earn 10 cents each day. Once you enter, Cashcrate has tutorials and it will guide you to making your first easy money online. You can also take wonderful daily surveys from 80 cents to 2 dollars. Some places like the US pay even more per survey. Once you reach $20 dollars, Cashcrate automatically sends you a check toward your address. I have recived thier check already for 21.47 dollars. In my previous post, I have a clear picture of it and it is actual proof they pay.

These Guys are the best for making easy money online!
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Cashcrate's Wonderful Benefits

There are great benefits to becoming a member at Cashcrate. Firstly you'll get a dollar just for signing up. Secondly, you can watch videos all day long and make anywhere from 2 cents to 5 cents plus prizes for watching videos. They have awesome daily surveys ranging from .70 cents to 4 dollars, and more. When you reach $20 dollars Cashcrate will automatically send you a check. You shall receive it within a month. Cashcrate is an awesome program for beginners just learning how to make money online. Learn how it works for free and get paid for watching video ads. Start now by clicking Here

Oh and best of all, CashCrate pays every months on a dime!
Check out my earlier posts of a real picture of my check from them!
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Make Money This Summer With CashCrate

A great way to make money online these days is Cashcrate. All you do is complete surveys, watch videos, take quizzes  and get paid from 25 cents up to 5 dollars. There are also other ways to make money such as taking on bigger offers and playing games for points. Cashcrate is hands down the best money making program on the internet. You don't need skills, or experience, or anything like that. All you need is a connection to the internet and a basic laptop or computer. You can do this even on your iPhone if you have one. Once you reach $20 dollars you will automatically be sent a check and should receive it within a month. I would advise anyone starting with surveys and slowing making money toward the $20 dollar goal. Doing small surveys or offers build up pretty quickly and can make you lots of cash. So anyway, look into this cool program! Sign up by clicking Here. I have earned over $26 dollars already!

How Do I Make Money Online?

Making Money from home is not hard at all. How do I do it? Here is my method. I signed up with cashcrate, then I did a couple of offers, and I have a blog, or a website which is free and you can open one at , for free! I post a couple paragraphs explaining what cashcrate is and put my referral link at the bottom. That is all I do. It does take about an hour to write and organize sentences or paragraphs but in the end its worth it. Why am I so good at making money online? Simple, I do not wish to be poor all my life and am in need of passive income – that is income that works for you monthly. It Is money that accumulates over time and eventually will make me $200 to $1000 a month. If you’d like to make money online simply click Here and Sign up For Free! 

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Want to Learn How to Make Money Online?

You are probably wondering how to make money online. By now I imagine you have tried every avenue there is out there. There is google adsense which most people talk about, and you'll need a huge following to make a penny there. At Cashcrate it is different. This is the best money making program there is on the internet. I know because I have been with them for over two years and they sent me a check on my first month. A check for 21 dollars for a couple hours of work.

Once you sign up, and this is for free by the way, you start filling out free offers and daily surveys. These range from 50 cents to 5 dollars a piece. There is a tutorial below to show you how this offer works. There is also a tutorial video showing you how the referral program works. Typically, each member you refer you will receive 20% and once they break $20 you will receive a $5 dollar bonus. As you can see, the more member you sign up the better your income will be. To do this, go to the refferal section, click promote yourself, grab your referral link and promote it anywhere you'd like.

You can always make some quick cash at Cashcrate. Best of all they are free to join and you can join by clicking the long green banner on the right side of this blog. 

CashCrates Referral Program

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CashCrate Tutorial Video

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Making Money at Home is Easy

So Would you like to earn some cash? perhaps a hundred or so per month? Its easy, and one can accomplish this in a couple of days of taking surveys, doing free offers, and referring other people. From personal experience I have worked on this program for about a couple hard productive hours and achieved 21 dollars. I left it for a month and couldn't believe they sent me a paycheck. I was shocked it was real. I now know this program is real and the money that you make is all yours to keep.

If you don't know yet, Cashcrate is a get paid to site. You make real money from them by filling out free surveys and free offers and they pay you. The big money comes in when you refer other members by promoting your referral link. Member are already making thousands of dollars a month by only telling other people about the Cashcrate.

CashCrate sends you a paycheck every month once you reach $20 dollars. I have tried many programs on the internet and none come close to Cashcrate. Cashcrate has real value and pays you every month for the cash you make with them. This is no gimmick, I have my paycheck picture posted in the earlier posts and my name is on it and I received 21.47 from Cashcrate. I took this check and deposited it into my checking account at the bank, and just like that I made money online. You can too! Remember its free to join, and fun to take surveys for cash. There are already offers coming out like video ads, shopping rewards, redeeming points, oh and there are crazy prize contests held. Its an awesome program and anyone who is older than 13 years old can join.  Sign up today by clicking here 

What is Cashcrate?

Can I really make money online with CashCrate?
Yes! Companies are always looking for new users to try their products and services, and they are willing to pay people like you to do just that. You can also earn money on CashCrate by taking part in daily research surveys, doing your shopping online, and referring other members to our program.
How do I know this isn't a scam?
CashCrate has been around since 2006 and has over 2 million members worldwide. There are no fees to join, and we send out thousands of dollars in payments to our members every month. Want proof? Head over to the Payment Wall and see real payments posted by real users. You can also visit theforums, where you can talk to other CashCrate members about their experience with our program. 
When do I get paid?
Users who meet our minimum payout (only $20!) have their payments processed by the 20th of the following month. So, if you earn $250 in June, your payment will be sent in mid-July.
How does the referral program work?
The referral program has two levels. You get paid 20% of what your referrals make and 10% of what THEIR referrals make. As you refer more users to CashCrate, these levels increase until you're earning as much as 30% of your referral's earnings and 20% of their referral's earnings. Plus, get extra cash bonuses along the way! 
How can I earn the most money with CashCrate?
Doing offers, surveys, and shopping online are great ways to start earning money with CashCrate, but be sure to check our referral program as well. Some members are earning over $1,000 a month just by referring new users to our free program.
Are there any requirements for participation?
You must be at least 13 years old. Members from the United States and other English speaking countries will have the most offers available to them, but members from other countries are welcome too.
Sounds great, how do I get started?
Click the green banner to your right  or Click here to sign up
All of this content came from directly word for word from cashcrate. 

Would you like Some Extra Cash?

Cashcrate is what its all about. It is open to people over sixteen years old and anyone who has a connection to the internet can make money. Currently, they offer surveys which pay out about two to four dollars a day. These are real easy to complete and take little time. Cashcrate also offers shopping rewards, shop using their list and receive up to 25% percent back in cash. Cashcrate sends out checks every month once you reach twenty dollars. The most lucrative way to earn lots of cash is to refer other people to the program. Its absolutely free, and you can make however much you want. It does take a little time and effort but the overall effect is worth it.Start filling out free surveys and offers and get paid now. Guys, this is easy money, you don't need a website, no computer technical background, no degree, all you need is a connection to the internet and a basic computer or laptop. It is truly a wonderful program, and they do pay, see my check in the earlier posts. This is your chance to make money online, and make the cash you always dreamed of.

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