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CashCrate Payment Proof

I am posting a picture of the check I received from Cashcrate. A check for 21.47 for a few days of work only a couple hours a day. Guys these offers are easy. There are already members making $1500 and more per month in passive income. Cashcrate is not a scam, it actually pays you. Guys I took this check and deposited and guess what? I got the money. Cashcrate sends you the check every month like clockwork. This is by far the easiest way to make money online and requires little computer skills - that of a 6 year old. Anybody can do these simple offers. Plus when you sign up you will recieve $1 and 20 points. Best part of all you can shop, you can spend money, and refer other people, and receive huge bonuses on your part. Cashcrate also holds contests for those who participate and giveaway amazon, bestbuy, target, and apple gift cards. Sign Up Right Here(Click Here)

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