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The CashCrate ToolBar

The CashCrate Tool Bar is another way you can make money with Cashcrate. Cashcrate's wonderful people keep me happy with the toolbar invention. You make a dollar just for downloading it, and then you make 50 cents for every 25 searches you do. CashCrate only counts 10 searches per day so ideally it would take you 2.5 or around 3 days to make 50 cents. By doing this you can easily make $5 dollars a month. When you do search, please search for normal items like you would on Google. Using this toolbar, you can check in, read your messages, stay up to date, and move around like you would on Cashcrates website. To download the toolbar go the the offers section, and under free it would listed there. If you can't find it search for it on Cashcrates wonderful forums.
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